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27 May 2008 @ 03:44 pm
27th of may.......  
I didn't learn anything this whole memorial day weekend break...so I'm back today from school with more things I have learned...not a lot though D:
  1. Schools ending soon :O
  2. Three english projects due tomorrow, wed, and thurs D:
  3. How to divide radicals XD
  4. How mathematicians created the quadratic formula :O
  5. The history of Independence, Missouri
  6. How to send pictures via bluetooth on a cellphone :3
  7. My life is extremely boring....and I'm very bad with life D:
  8. How to digital scrapbook
  9. Where my old toys are :O
  10. Writing on hand can cause cancer D:...according to some people :P
Now i have to start replying to random posts I forgot to reply to...and then homework D: