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05 February 2009 @ 08:45 pm
I have decided to just write not necessarily ten straight facts, but whatever I learn, anytime I learn it...Or something I already knew and I need to keep it in my mind for that time in my life to keep my sanity. In other words things will be a bit more personal :O...any confusing...like this summary of how I'm reforming this journal 8D. It's hard to force yourself to learn 10 things anyways x)

1. You need an ego to survive this world. Your "smarter" that way :D
It's a shame it's something that can "kill" you when not used correctly D:
2. Heat of Formation of H2O(l) is -285.5kJ/mole :D chemistry honors is taking over my mind ;~;
3. I realized...that my personality is completely different online...I'm much more dense XD and it starting to leak through to my offline world...computers do corrupt your brain :D...just what I needed!
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