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16 May 2008 @ 05:15 am
  1. The lyrics to "Jessie's girl"...still find it annoying though >.<"
  2. Another essay due tomorrow o.0..drat! (well just a rough draft)
  3. I'm getting.....contacts!
  4. Matter + Anitmatter = Explosion, then Nothing D:!
  5. The universe is expanding and getting colder and colder (then why is it getting warmer and warmer here x__X) XD
  6. What the Ku Klux Klan did to people D:
  7. Testing is done!
  8. I'm performing o.0???
  9. John Tyler was the 10th president :O
  10. Abraham Lincoln wasn't like as he seems *shifty eyes*
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
  1. I'm tired >.<
  2. I got my book back!!  In Creative Writing class we got to publish this book and they came :D
  3. 3 more essays to go XP
  4. I china when they don't have any chicken in some restraunts, they dress up rats as chickens and serve them D:
  5. Exactly how badly hitler treated jews...i do not want to become a lamp XP
  6. I'm going to her house tomorrow :D
  7. I have to bring my laptop to school tomorrow D:..hope it doesn't get stolen :/
  8. Bleh i'm sad..
  9. We're getting a new camera!!! Nikon D60 ^^
  10. I'm still tired >.<"
Current Mood: sadsad
13 May 2008 @ 05:20 pm
  1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is Addicting o.0

  2. I have 4 essays due this friday o.0
  3. Breaking Dawn's coming out august 2nd!
  4. TRC 190 came out :O
  5. According to Flame I'm axel ^^
  6. There is no "bang!" in the big bang theory :O
  7. Gossip girl was good yesterday!!!
  8. Heroes is coming out September 24th!..or 21..or 15th o.0
  9. History test tomorrow!
  10. it's on the 24th??
  1. We have testing tomorrow D:
  2. How to do curve stitching :D
  3. I'm procrastinating again aren't I? D:
  4. Talent Show this Saturday :D
  5. My dad is sick D:
  6. Phone call now :D
  7. Phone call didn't have anything interesting...telemarketers D:
  8. I'm either Roxas, Axel, the Riku Replica, or Demyx according to the people at Keyblade Rating :D
  9. From happy to sad D:
  10. Finished Article! :D
  1. Oregon became a state in 1859 :O
  2. There is a wewu manga :O (drat another to read XD)
  3. I'm sleeppyyy
  4. I still don't have a mother's day card .__. (i suck >.<)
  5. I'm still sleepy
  6. "                      "
  7. "                     "
  8. "                        "
  9. "                      "
  10. I think i made my point about how sleepy i am o.0
  11. Yes i didn't learn that much today XD
  1. My subject lines are really random x__X
  2. There making a Cheetah Girls movie in Bollywood..wth is wrong with disney O__________O
  3. We cannot live without the moon
  4. Hitsuzen Does exist :O (something coincidencish has been happening pretty much everyday this week o.0
  5. It fell down :O
  6. There was an icontest for 4 minutes :OOO HOW DARE I MISS THAT X_______X
  7. I need to find a present for my mom....in a day x___X
  8. This advertisement that is showing as I type this is telling me to be a goat..i frankly don't see a reason to be XD
  9. I've been using the word frankly a lot today..well i'm being truthful :3
  10. True Magic has an update!!! I really need to start working on mine >.<
08 May 2008 @ 09:28 pm
  1. The universe is a currveeee
  2. I'm not going to be sleeping tonight
  3. My friend has 280 contacts in her gmail (show off *rolls eyes*
  5. She's back!!! HORRAY!
  6. We have cherry <strike>pi</strike> pie!
  7. The average weight of a black hole is 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (a lot of zeros ^^)
  8. My friend has a cold :O
  9. I was accepted so far ^^
  10. Black holes are theories :O
  11. I'm bored of hw....
Current Mood: blahblah
  1. my friend's sister has no life
  2. she's getting really annoying now >.<"
  3. if you send annoying letters to companies, you actually get what you wanted :D
  4. Highlight for spoilers----> WTH!!!!!!!!! TRC Syaoran is SON oF CCS SYAORAN AND SAKURA???? WTH WTH WTH X________X..isn't he like gay no O___O XD (wel not really)....THAT IS SO FREAKIN SCARY (and a bit sad on clamps part -___-) <-----Sorry for a bit of a rant there XD
  5. It's the 7th of may :D
  6. Japanese can have a very odd sense of humor XD
  7. I didn't fail the test :D  wel not really XD
  8. Bernoulli's principle is the faster the fluid moves, the less pressure there is :D
  9. I haven't been learning that much lately O___O XD
  10. How to complete a Square

Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
06 May 2008 @ 06:12 pm
  2. Serena's brother is gay D:
  3. Jenny is right at the bottom again XD
  4. I failed the test today!!!
  5. Convene means: to assemble or come together
  6. Rudy dies D: :'(
  7. I'm bored
  9. Walnuts are very dangerous .___.
  10. I got a new cellie :D

Yes..half this post is about gossip girl XD
05 May 2008 @ 06:39 pm
Let's see...

  1. Today it was May (5) 5th 5:55 P.M/A.M :O (stupid 2008 XD)
  2. I remembered to post today :O
  3. 2 doesn't equal 1 :O...it's some random trick mathmaticians use :D it goes like....I left my math book at school XD, I'll do it tomorrow :D
  5. Everyone at my school will die because my friend's archenemy is coming O___O *hides under bed*
  6. I'm hungry....
  7. I suck at icontests XD
  8. A.P courses are evil :O
  9. I need a grad dress O_________O
  10. I'm going to fail history...WHY ME TTT_____TTT XD
  11. I posted this in the wrong journal :O